dreamland - area 51

Area 51, Dreamland, The Ranch, and several other names are used to describe this remote area of Nevada that officially does not exist. There are very few people here, and the ones that are found are usually bound for elsewhere. It is a great place to test and experiment with things that are not ready for the public to know about.

Some of these photos may be purchased as an 8x10 print on Kodak paper. Price is $25 postpaid to North America and Europe. Payment is accepted through PayPal. Just look for the "Buy it" button.

Get Jerky Here

ET Highway


Vanishing Point

Open Range


Do drop Inn


Rachel, Nevada

There are Cattle here

Some get Mutilated

Are beings from other worlds found here? That is not for me to say right now. I will tip my hand, and let you know that the mysterious lights and other activities seen in the skies over the last decade are what you would observe if you saw a working particle beam. A glow in the sky that moves as if a powerful searchlight was projecting it in place, making it brighter or dimmer, that is what has been witnessed. Enough for now.

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