Johnson Robotics

Based on some designs that I developed in 1976, I started Johnson Robotics in 1980. At the time is was barely more than a workbench in a garage. Later I was able to put the earnings from working models I built into funding a lab, complete with test equipment and a decent inventory of parts and tools. My primary goal is R&D, but it generates enough revenue to pay for expenses.

This is where it all begins and ends. A design propels itself through my mental pipes, then eventually takes form. 

In the lab

SLV-2 (1980) 

A General purpose test platform for developing and testing sensors, propulsion and power supply. The latter proved to be a challenge which blew apart one of these units!
This bot was capable of crawling over uneven terrain, investigating interesting objects. 

Terrain Crawler (1988)

It was a very practical design, and a decade later a rover with some similar features was crawling around on Mars.

personal bots

The idea of a personal robot as a sort of valet or companion is popular in fiction. If you like gadgets they can be interesting, and maybe useful. If you really want a companion though, get yourself a dog.