Smell the Coffee
 Mmmm, the best coffee is fire brewed, and is worth taking a deep smell of the aroma, because it can REALLY wake you up...

Of course I want my way. Every living being wants it's way. That's what distinguishes us from rocks. If you are going to use that fact as a point of contention, then we can resume our conversation some other time, when you are able to be rational.


A cup of coffee and a pastry can give me a sense of peace. I don't begrudge that in anyone, whether they get it from scriptures, physical activities, or quiet meditations, just so long as they don't go mucking about in the lives of others.

Anyone can take the credit, I'll take the cash.

If you mistrust someone long enough, they will eventually do something untrustworthy.

One man's deity is another man's devil.

Drugs allow you to borrow energy from your future self. You will eventually have to settle the account.

I don't despise Jeffrey Dahmer any more than John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, George Bush, Bill Clinton or any other mass killer. At least Jeff  didn't let perfectly good meat go to waste.

The church has really trivialized Jesus. They depict him as a sort of get-out-of-hell-free card to excuse all the times you masturbated.

Being a redhead is as much an attitude as a hair color. Getting it from a bottle means you are already halfway there.

Who says that in the petrie dish, one bacterium can not study the behavior of the others?


  You don't win an arguement by being right.

When corruption is the order of the day, the corrupt will come out to play.

The only presidents that have done me any discernable good are dead ones.