A lot of things happen in the desert, and most of it is out in the open. There are no trees or water to cover and hide things. The sky is always a prominent feature. Plants and animals either hoard water, or adapt to surviving with very little of it. These photos are in the Anza-Borrego desert. This is a low elevation desert in the rain shadow of the California Peninsular ranges. When it does rain here, in the spring, there are sometimes devastating flash floods that wash and alter the landscape.

Some of these photos may be purchased as an 8x10 print on Kodak paper. Price is $25 postpaid to North America and Europe. Payment is accepted through PayPal. Just look for the "Buy it" button.

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Borrego Desert


Ocotillo and mountains

Glorious Ocotillo

Desert Bloom

Cactus cluster

Ocotillo and mountains

Bloom and background

Left view

Right view

Desert Creatures


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